Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Bark, George" by Jules Feiffer

Here's another classic for our book of the week!  It's one of my favorites, Bark, George by Jules Feiffer. This simply illustrated story follows a frustrated mother dog and her puppy, George.  The problem: George won't bark.  Every time his mother asks him to bark, he makes the sound of another animal.  After having enough of George's moos, quacks, meows, and oinks, George's mother takes him to vet.  You and your little one will get a kick out of seeing just how frazzled George's mom becomes.  As the vet examines George, he discovers that the noises are coming from animals in George's belly.  The simple illustrations are hilarious as the vets pulls out a cow, duck, cat, and pig!  It's a great chance to quiz your little one on animal sounds and a better chance for a few laughs!  Finally, after reaching in and pulling out a cow, George lets out a rewarding "Arf!"  It's a fun read with a surprise ending adults and kids are sure to love.  I won't ruin the end, so you'll have to come out to Open Play this Thursday at 3:30 to see what happens!

See you at Open Play this Thursday at 3:30 at Bubbles Academy for Miss Becca's Story Time!  See you there!!  Arf Arf!

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