About The Authors

Author of "Music For Talls and Tinies"
Since 2003 Tamara Nolte has been an active member and a leader at Bubbles Academy. Through her journey of teaching classes, and eventually becoming the Director, she knows a thing or two about children's music. What's her philosophy that helps her create the fun and upbeat atmosphere we all know and love at Bubbles Academy? Finding a perfect balance of adult-friendly kid's music, and kid-friendly adult music. Her eclectic musical tastes lean towards underground artists, cool beats and fun lyrics that can be enjoyed by all. Her weekly song is a hand-picked addition to the great Bubbles Academy mix-tape in the sky. We recommend enjoying each one with a family dance party in your home today!

Author of "Taste Buddies: Kid's Cooking" and "Glitter Bubbles"
Meghean Warner believes that artistic expression is possible in many ways! Her greatest creative passions include painting, theater and cooking. Each week, Meghean will share ways for your child to create their own masterpieces, with an art project and a cooking project. After Meghean teaches the Taste Buddies class each week, she posts the recipes for the tasty dishes they made in class. Her students, and all Bubbles Academy families, are encouraged to spend time with their families making these easy-to-prepare dishes together at home! "Glitter Bubbles" will be a place for families to find inspiring art ideas each week. Using things from around the house and other creative materials, these art projects will be fun to make and beautiful to display!

Author of "Bubble BookWorm"
Miss Becca loves to read! She is the daughter of a librarian/artist and an engineer/volunteer fireman...who says you have to be just one thing when you grow up? Miss Becca takes after her parents, she is a teacher/actor/wanna-be-dancer/bicyclist/cardboard boat builder/playground gymnast and most of all... a book lover! Her absolute favorite books are When A Monster is Born by Sean Taylor and the classic (she has it memorized) Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Before coming to Bubbles Academy, she was an actor and teaching artist at Lexington Children's Theatre in Kentucky where she brought stories to life on stage. She is super excited to be doing that again in her weekly Story Time, Thursdays at 3:00 as part of our Open Play Program.

Author of "Ask Ms. Kim"
Kim Schiefelbein is one of those women you go to for advice. She is a mother, a music teacher, a fitness instructor, a Chicago-schools guru, and a downright stylish lady. She's also thrilled to be a Lululemon Athletica ambassador for the second year in a row.
Answering questions is part of what Kim does in her role as a manager at Bubbles Academy, her role as a mother, and in her role as a friend. Each week she'll cover one question she was asked by a Bubbles Academy parent, and share the answer for us all to benefit from!