Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet our School Prep Camp Teachers

Bubble Academy's School Prep Camp is designed to ready your child for school with engaging activities & through a nurturing environment filled with friends and experienced teachers. Bubble Step: Separation Boot Camp will be led by Miss Becca and assisted by Miss Sam. Bubble Bees: School Camp will be led by Miss Sam and assisted by Miss Becca.

Miss Becca

Becca classifies her self as a dreamer. When she moved to Chicago in 2010, she dared to dream that she would find a rewarding career working with children. Bubbles Academy was the first place she applied!

With a degree in theatre from Western Kentucky University, Becca brought stories to life on stage and performances to schools across Kentucky as a teaching artist with Lexington Children’s Theatre. As the Program Director at Bubbles Academy, Becca leads the development and teaching of our curriculum — from art projects, to games to imagination activities and more in order to spark our students’ creativity and nurture their growth.

Becca has a trusty stead — her yellow bicycle named Carmen Banana Bike! You can trust her to make masterful cardboard boats, cartwheel on demand and always accept an invitation to play!

Miss Sam

Originally from Novi, Michigan, Sam came to Chicago to earn her bachelor of fine arts in acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University. She discovered a passion for youth theatre and has been privileged to work with the Tony Award winning Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Company, The Chicago Children’s Theatre Company, Emerald City Theatre Company and Theatre-Hikes. Sam’s most cherished theatrical experience was The Chicago Children’s Theatre Company’s installation for children with autism and their families; The Red Kite Project.

Sam comes from a long line of teachers, and she is thrilled to continue the tradition at Bubbles Academy. She enthusiastically leads both our enrichment and education series classes as a charismatic guide for first-time preschoolers, an adventurous captain for imagination students and an extraordinaire in crafty projects for Art + Music classes.

Sam’s creative spirit never shuts off. She is an avid reader, writer, performer and #1 playmate of her pet chihuahua — Chewbacca.

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