Monday, April 18, 2011

Obtaining Childcare

Some families are blessed with nearby relatives, clamoring for a chance to provide free and excellent childcare at a moments notice...
For the rest of us, finding a caregiver can be a real challenge!

THE SEARCH: There are lot of great websites, and local resources for finding the right caregiver for your family. A good place to start are the great reference lists compiled by for babysitters, daycare, nannies and night nurses.

INTERVIEWING: Once you've found some potential childcare providers, set up interviews and use this handy checklist of important questions to ask from "Parent-Babysitter Interview Checklist". Checking the references will be a breeze with this additional resource, "Checking Babysitters' References".

INTRODUCING: Congratulations, you found a caregiver! For frequent or long-term childcare providers, print this childcare contract and ask them to keep a daily record of your babies growth and activities with this activity tracker from

EVALUATING: For a good point-of-reference for evaluating your new caregiver, take a look at these articles from, "Signs of a Good Babysitter" and "Signs of a Bad Babysitter".

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