Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week ONE: Recap!

Today was a wonderful start to the new session. I was amazed at how willing these little guys were to share and eat together. Someone dropped their cheese on the floor, and the other kids shared theirs immediately, how nice!
Taste Buddies is about trying new foods, smelling new smells, and enjoying the beautiful colors of the foods. Another important benefit of this class is the communal gathering and sharing time as we prepare and dine together around the table. It is a huge gift for me as a teacher to watch these kids not only learn to cook, but how to communicate and share with each other. I learn more from these kids than they learn from me!!

Making tacos is a great way to give kids a sense of independence and choice in their meal. We had the Taste Buddies students chop peppers and tomatoes, and then they chose from a variety of other toppings to create their perfect taco. We also added Morningstar Recipe Crumbles, which are actually veggies seasoned to look and taste like meat! Delicious! I have included a photo of our ingredients mixed together in a bowl. Taco salad is a great option, if you want to skip the tortilla. Or better yet, use the tortilla to create a funny food mask by cutting out holes for your eyes and mouth.

This is a great recipe because it mixes fresh fruits and vegetables. We practiced juicing limes while we made this recipe. You can make your own variation, by using whatever berries are in season! We sprinkled a pinch of salt on our salsa, but some people prefer a pinch of sugar. Try it both ways first, on spoonfuls of your salsa, to discover your favorite way!

We love talking about colors in Taste Buddies! We took vanilla pudding and dyed it two different colors, and then we topped it all off with vanilla wafers and bananas. Anytime you have food dye and kids (and not to mention pudding), you are in for a very messy, good time!

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