Friday, May 27, 2011

Week FIVE: Recap!

Taste Buddies class this week was a blast... it was all about pizza! This is the first time I have made pizzas in class with NO CHEESE! We made a veggie pizza, chocolate sauce, and a cookie pizza with homemade cookie dough.

I'd like to give a special thank you to Avery's mom, Kim for taking and sharing the photos shown here! It's so nice to have these beautiful visual records of our special time together. You can see more photos from Kim, from previous weeks here. Thank you, Kim!!

Grownups, this is a great snack for you too. I loved watching the Taste Buddies eat raw vegetables -- we even had a few who loved eating raw broccoli. They are starting some great eating habits!

This recipe starts with instructions for making homemade cookie dough -- and it's one of the best I've ever used! I encourage everyone to mix the dough with their bare hands. It's more fun that way and helps you to feel connected to the food. This makes one huge cookie!
Next, we made the chocolate sauce for the pizza. If you make this at home and the butter isn't blending well into the sauce, toss it into a double boiler on low heat and it will melt together nice and smooth.
Finally, the assembly! I loved this part of the class. The kids went to town decorating their cookie pizzas with fruit, chocolate sauce, cookies, and gummy candies. They were so creative!

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