Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week FOUR: Recap!

Taste Buddies was quite an adventure today! We made chicken pot pies, strawberry salad, and homemade icing. With help from the moms, we used a KitchenAid mixer for the first time to make icing!

We used crescent rolls as dough for our chicken pot pies, instead of pie crust. We put a pinch of flour on some parchment paper and rolled out the dough before molding it into individual mini pie tins. Next we poured veggies and chicken into the pie tins and drizzled them with a special sauce that Mr. Mark made, instead of the cream of mushroom soup that the recipe calls for. (I'll include the special sauce recipe in my next post!) We then baked the mini pot pies following the directions on the crescent roll package, plus broiled them for a 2 more minutes, so they were brown and crispy. This was a delicious comfort meal!

This is a great, easy summer salad. Grown-ups enjoy this as much as the kids do. I always like to put extra strawberries in mine -- especially now that they are in season!

Icing is so fun to make! To make icing extra spreadable and easy to use, you can add tablespoons of any kind of milk to the butter and sugar, until it's your desired thickness. I like to make icing to taste, so feel free to experiment with making it with extra butter or sugar. Yum!

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