Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week ONE: Recap!

We had a great start to the session today in Taste Buddies Kids Cooking class with Corn Tomato Pizza, Salad Parfait, and Muddled Berry Juice! We had so much fun chopping, mashing, and mixing with our tools today. I know we are going to have a delicious time this Winter Session!

We shucked our own corn today and used our choppers to remove the corn from the cob. You can also just buy a can of corn at the grocery store if you are low on time. Pesto and tomato sauce both taste great on this pizza. It was a hit with the Taste Buddies! 

The recipe we posted to go with this earlier today is for a fruit salad, but a parfait cup also serves as a special dish to serve a salad in. We used lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers. Delicious and nutritious, and what a fancy presentation!

This was my favorite part of class today because the Taste Buddies got so excited when their drinks fizzed up! We mashed berries with potato mashers (a fork also works). We then poured club soda, simple syrup, and lime juice on top of our berries and watched them fizz. This is a great party drink or even just for an extra-special snack!

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