Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week ONE: Recap!

Welcome to our Summer Session of Taste Buddies Kid's Cooking class! We've got a whole session of culinary adventures ahead of us... so hold on to your spatula!!

Today in Taste Buddies we made banana hot dogs. We borrowed this recipe from a great kid's blog, and they were so cute, and tasty. We also made corn on the cob, 4th of July strawberries, and mango french fries. It was quite a day!

First, we peeled out bananas and placed them in a hot dog bun. Next, we put soy butter in a Ziploc bag and then we put strawberry jam in a Ziploc bag. We then cut a tiny hole on one of the bottom corners of the Ziploc bag (like a pastry bag used for icing). We squeezed peanut butter on our banana hot dog in place of mustard and we used strawberry jam in place of ketchup. Some of our Taste Buddies finished
the entire banana hot dog before it was even time to eat! These were a hit! This is also a great project to do when friends are over -- it's easy and creative. 

We started out the class shucking corn. Some of our knights in shining armor decided the corn on the cob would make an excellent sword. After a quick duel, we threw the corn in big pot and cooked it for ten minutes in hot water. It was delicious, sweet summer corn. It doesn't get much better than that!

These are super easy to make and are a festive holiday treat! We dipped strawberries in melted white chocolate first. We then dipped them in blue sprinkles for a 4th of July themed dessert! Yum! This was most of our Taste Buddies' favorite treat -- I can't imagine why. :)

We used our choppers to chop mangoes into strips that looked like french fries. They were the perfect compliment to our banana hot dogs.

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