Monday, April 23, 2012

Bubble Bees: Building Community

Now that your children are beginning to feel independent and comfortable in the classroom, it's time for them to start making friends!  Socialization is one of the most important areas of development for your little one.  They are transitioning from parallel to cooperative play.  We encourage this transition by playing with them during open choice. Our teachers are trained to model cooperative play and encourage them to try it with one another.   As we play, we take time to introduce students to each other.  Listen during Open Choice and you'll probably hear Miss Kristi or Mr. Matt asking your little ones to tell another child their name or to give a high five.  These are the early steps of friendship and the building blocks of our classroom community! Check out some of these great community building activities from last week:

We also encourage community by asking them to share supplies at art.  Each week we make our own painting, but we all use the same paint trays.  Sharing supplies develops their negotiation skills and really lays the foundation of friendship.

Snack Time is more than just fuel to get your little ones through mid-morning.  It's a secret community meeting.  While Miss Becca or Miss Victoria reads a story, your little ones are encouraged to share their  thoughts on what's happening in the story.  We often ask our students to raise their hands if they can relate to the story.  Things like "raise your hand if you like to go to the park, too."   We not only pratice  that new skill of hand raising, but your little ones get to see visual proof of what they have in common with their classmates!

 I can't wait to see what friendships blossom this Spring!  

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