Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Duck on a Bike!" by David Shannon

It's finally Spring in Chicago!  I'm looking forward to riding my little yellow bike to Bubbles in the warm weather, which makes me think of one of my favorite go-to story time books: Duck on a Bike by David Shannon.  This book will be an instant favorite with your little ones!  

It all starts when Duck gets the idea that he can ride a bike.  Why not?  The book follows duck on his wobbly ride past all the farm animals.  It's a great opportunity to test your little bookworm's animal sounds.  Duck says hello to each animal and they greet him with their animal sound, but clever author David Shannon adds the animals' secret thoughts.  For example, when Duck passes Cat, she meows, but what she thought was, "I wouldn't waste my time riding a bike."  Shannon's clever text and simple structure moves the story along quickly and is sure to capture attention.  The illustrations, also by Shannon, are bright, cartoonish and extremely expressive.  After a herd of kids rides their bikes onto the farm, there is a great image of all the animals catching Duck's bike-fever!  You can see the mischief and joy in each animal's eyes.  It's a fun read.  Hope to see you biking and reading around Bubbles Academy soon!

Ride your bike to Bubbles for a special treat as Miss Becca reads Duck on a Bike by David Shannon at Open Play this Thursday at 3:30!  See you there!

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