Tuesday, April 24, 2012

“I’ll Be Your Friend” by Miriam Moss and Lynne Chapman

Everyone loves a new friend-- how about four new friends?! I’ll Be Your Friend by Miriam Moss and Lynne Chapman is a heart-warming story reflecting on the value of friendships and the feelings of living in a new place.

Everyone knows the anxious feeling before having a birthday party and the feeling of being in a place where you’re looking for a friend. In I’ll Be Your Friend, Smudge is counting down the days to his birthday with his friend Stripe. Smudge is new to the area and does not have a big group of friends to invite to his birthday party, which makes him sad. Stripe tries his best to cheer Smudge up by helping him build a fabulous tree house, and this is where the adventure of new friendships begin!  This read takes you and your little one along for a journey in friendship making, life changes, and happy outcomes.

Will Smudge have friends come to his big birthday party? Come along on Smudge’s journey at Open Play this Thursday at 3:30 to hear our special guest reader Miss Megan read I’ll Be Your Friend!

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