Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspiring Creativity: Paint Your Teacher Week!

The mission of our Bubble Step Program is to help guide you and your child through separation via three key elements:
  • Fostering Community
  • Encouraging Independence
  • Inspiring Creativity and Play

Our new Bubble Step blog will serve as a record of your child's first-school experience. Each week, we will post about our previous week's activity and how it helped to accomplish one of these elements. Our goal is for the content to be resource of lessons for you to encourage at home too!

Last week's activity was all about inspiring CREATIVITY! In our art time, rather than painting on paper, we colored living canvases — the teachers! Below are some of the images of the Step student's creative minds and painter-happy-hands at work! For more pictures, please visit our facebook album featuring both Bubble Step and Bubble Bees classes!

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