Monday, April 16, 2012

Bubble Step: Encouraging Independence, Knowing What Comes Next

As you begin to step out of the room in our Bubble Step class, one of the most effective ways of making your little one feel confident is helping them learn the schedule of class.  Here are some photos of the different parts of our Bubbles Step classes from last week.  Before you come into class, feel free to look at these photos with your little ones.  You can talk about what they're going to do in class.  Since the structure of the class is the same each week, they can feel confident that they know what comes next.  It also helps for them to see the familiar faces of their teachers and assistants.  

The Magic of Bubbles  
Bubbles are more than just fun: they are incredibly memorable.  We end all of our classes by blowing bubbles.  When talking about you or your caregiver coming back into the room, use bubbles as a signal.  "Mommy will be back after bubbles" is an easy concept for them to remember, and since they know the schedule of class, they know what else needs to happen before Bubbles!

Another way for your little one to gain confidence is to arrange a playdate with another student.  Why not arrange to meet at Bubbles for an Open Play Playdate any Monday-Saturday between 1-5 PM?

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