Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bubble Bees talk feelings!

Today, the book of the day was When Sophie Gets Angry... Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang. This week we are reading books that talk about feelings. Bang's book was a perfect way for our students to learn about what to do when they get angry just like Sophie. Some of the student's ideas included "getting a Band-Aid!” or "talking to our friend about what happened", "sharing our toys" and "dancing and jumping up and down!"

Since Sophie climbed a tree to help herself calm down after she got angry, we made a beautiful tissue paper tree art project. Here at Bubbles Academy, we often find that doing an art project for our Moms or Dads or Uncle Steves is a great way for students to calm down and feel more confident about doing class all on their own. These Bubble Bees are not only brilliant artists, but they are also very in touch with their feelings! 

A beautiful blog post by Inner Child Fun (a great blog for crafts, games and play) inspired the tissue paper tree project.      

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