Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Step in Play-Doh & Bee a Potato!

Playing with Play-Doh!
I try to take pictures in every Bubble Step class. Most of the time I only get a chance to capture what our students play with during Open Choice. Last week it was Play-Doh! We had such a good time modeling, rolling and cutting. I love Play-Doh because it not only works those ever developing fine motor skills, but you can also use it to encourage sharing and problem solving! Check out some of our wonderful rollers and shapers!

Fun with Mr. Potato Head
This week in Bubble Bees we're talking all about feelings. What better way to express yourself than by changing your face? Miss Sam found a Mr. Potato Head family hidden in our giant Bubble Toy closet!  We had a great time making silly faces together! Mr. Potato Head is a great tool for teaching body part recognition and building fine motor skills. Check out our silly creations!  - Miss Becca

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