Friday, August 17, 2012

Dino Bees!

This week was Dinosaur Week! We got in the spirit by dressing up with dinosaur hats and tails. Our first book of the week was Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. We tested out our dino skills by marching, roaring and eating just like dinosaurs do! I'd say our Bees are some pretty convincing prehistoric critters! At Art time, we made some absolutely beautiful pictures using dinosaur stencils and koosh balls.

The second book of the week was How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? We of course, had more fun playing with dinosaurs and coloring together during Open Choice. We discussed nice manners, and the importance of trying new foods and eating healthy. During Art, we talked even more about healthy choices as we made paper salads with salad dressing glue! I was very impressed with how well our Bees knew the names of all of the fruits and vegetables.

During snack, we continued to build on our confidence and responsibility by passing out place mats and cups all by ourselves! Tune in next week for more updates on our progress as we go on lots of Animal Adventures!

My Bubble Best,

Miss Sam

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