Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week SEVEN: Recap!

The gloomy rain in Chicago could not stop us from cooking today in Taste Buddies. We bake rain or shine! It was a cozy menu today with hummus salad, spaghetti cupcakes and thumbprint cookies. We even served a little bit of hot chocolate at the end, just for kicks!

I love, love, LOVE hummus. Rather than just eating it by itself, I prefer to dip veggies in it so I can get some vitamins at the same time. We dipped carrots and celery into hummus and served it on a lettuce leaf.  I think hummus tastes wonderful with radishes as well, and using a dip is a fun way to introduce a new veggie into your little one's life.

This is a great way to change up an everyday meal. Kids love to eat cupcakes, so why not make them a main meal instead of a dessert? You can do this with any pasta, but spaghetti and macaroni are great to use because they mold easily into the cupcake wrappers.

I think these are a great winter dessert with hot chocolate. You can put jam or a chocolate kiss in the middle as well if you want to make them extra sweet. We just served them plain with hot chocolate today. They are great cookies for dipping in a hot drink!

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