Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week THREE: Recap!

Happy Wednesday! We celebrated this chilly day in Taste Buddies today with some tortilla soup, corn dog bread, and strawberry crêpes! I must say, the corn dog bread stole the show. There was absolutely none left by the end of class, and we even had some Taste Buddies asking if we could make more. Yummy!


I forget how easy and quick tortilla soup is to make- you can make this recipe in fifteen minutes! I think the secret to this recipe is the refried beans. They give the soup a thick consistency that is filling and delicious. What a great way to warm up from the cold!

This is such a fun recipe that kids absolutely love! We used corn bread mix from Whole Foods, and the Taste Buddies diced the hot dogs and shredded the cheese themselves. This can be a fun snack, or even a meal if you would like to add more hot dogs. Tasty!

This is such a simple recipe. I love Stonewall Crêpe Mix for crêpes. We pre-made the crêpes and had the Taste Buddies chop strawberries and make whipped cream. The whipped cream was definitely the most popular aspect of this dish!

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