Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WEEK TWO: Recap!

We had a full house today in Taste Buddies! There were ten little chefs ready to tackle spinach manicotti, corn salad, and Oreo truffles. I knew it was a successful today because most of the Taste Buddies left wearing their food (especially the chocolate) on their faces! What a great, delicious day! 

This is a such a wonderful recipe for kids and adults. It tastes great, and it is really fun for kids to squeeze the cheese mixture out of the baggie onto the pasta. I could eat this every week! 

We had the Taste Buddies chop the corn off of the stalk, which I think is a really fun skill for them to learn. Their are so many great sensory foods in this salad, from the cilantro to the vinegar. This is a great recipe for your child to practice smelling and tasting! 

One of my favorites! I highly recommend this recipe. It is so easy and fun, and great for a party or special treat. Caution: these go very fast! There were none left at the end of class!

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