Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week SEVEN: Recap!

This week we explored how to make some healthy and delicious breakfast options! Make these as a family on your next Saturday morning together, or as a fun breakfast-for-dinner meal on a busy weeknight.

Making our omelettes was an exciting portion of class. Following new health guidelines, Chef Marc showed the class how to properly crack an egg on a hard surface rather that on a bowl. The class had quite a time cracking eggs! We then mixed them with our whisks and added chopped peppers and tomatoes. The wonderful thing about making omelettes is that you can put any ingredient you like into them -- vegetables, meat, various cheeses -- all are great options! Delicious!

We precooked some crepes from a crepe mix before class. The Taste Buddies students chopped strawberries and bananas, and put them in the crepes. Last, they added chocolate chips and topped with a dollop of homemade whipped cream! We used the big KitchenAid Mixer together as a class to make the whipped cream. It is really fun for a child to use a big standing mixer with a grownups help, it can be a fun way for them to take ownership in the kitchen!

I always ask the Taste Buddies students at the end of each class what their favorite part was, and several said their favorite part was the glazed carrots! They are delicious, and glazing this way is a fun way to spice up a vegetable. This dish is a great addition to any meal, both kids and adults will enjoy it.

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