Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week TEN: Recap!

Today was the last class of the session, so we made party food! We ate watermelon and made cupcake, chex mix and sandwiches. We started the class with some summer fun -- using cookie cutters to chop watermelon.

We decided to spunk up some cupcakes with food coloring... some of our artists even mixed the food coloring to create a lovely marbleized cake batter. This is a fun recipe, and the colors can be altered to suit any holiday or event. Try red and green for Christmas, pink and blue for a baby shower, purple and red for Valentine's Day or use all the colors to make a rainbow-colored treat!

After our cupcakes were placed into the over, we went on over to our homemade chex mix station! Delicious! The wonderful thing about making your own mix is that there are no rules. You can use chips, crackers, nuts, dried fruit... even candy. Just have fun!

We ended class experimenting with our sandwich station. We had raspberry jam, orange marmalde and soy butter. We also tried brie cheese with honey that was still on the honeycomb! Very tasty! A sandwich station is an easy way to please everyone, and encourage diners to try new flavor combinations.

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