Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week FIVE: Recap!

Peaches! Peaches! Peaches! Today was peach day in Taste Buddies! We made three delightful meals using this wonderful summer fruit. I enjoyed trying the peach dishes so much in class yesterday that I went home and made the same ones for dinner last night! 

We began class by chopping peaches for a peach-glazed chicken dish. We were chefs and artists today because we painted our chickens with peach glaze and a pastry brush. Once our chickens were nice and coated in the glaze, we covered them with peaches! We then sent them off to the oven to be baked, and they tasted wonderful. You can bake or grill this dish at home -- both ways taste great!


After glazing our chicken, we moved on to making a peach salad. This is a wonderful salad that you can use with any summer fruit. We added some blackberries and strawberries into ours, but any of your favorite fruits will taste great. What a sweet and seasonal way to enjoy a salad!

Who knew making salsa could be so easy?! This is a great appetizer to throw together for your friends and family. Plus, after doing the prep work your little one can help out by doing all of the mixing themselves. Next time you have a fiesta with loved ones, add some peach salsa!

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