Monday, August 8, 2011

Week FOUR: Recap!

Taste Buddies class was a snap today! We started off the class with sugar snap peas, listening to the sound they made as we snapped them in half. We used them for our snap pea salad. We also made calzones, which is one of my favorites. They were so good, I made them for dinner again tonight!


This is a great summer salad! We really enjoyed the sound they made when you snap them in half today in class. They also make a great snack all by themselves.

We used croissant rolls that you can find in your grocery aisle by the refrigerated biscuits. We used skim mozzerella cheese and pizza sauce to fill our croissant rolls. We chose skim mozarella cheese because it melts better. When making these at home, try adding other ingredients your family loves to make them more personalized. My favorite additions are cooked chicken, barbeque sauce and cheddar cheese... yum!

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