Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week SIX: Recap!

Mmmmmm... mini breakfast pies! That's what we made in Taste Buddies class today along with delicious rosemary potatoes and s'mores. Quite the feast! Class began with gardening, as we "planted" baby carrots in hummus "dirt cups." We poked holes in the top of our baby carrots with forks and inserted some rosemary for the carrot leaf. They were the best smelling carrots I have ever tasted! We then moved on to our other items on the menu, and finished the class by sitting around the table and talking about our favorite parts of the class.

I absolutely love these. They look almost like mini breakfast quiches. We also learned how to crack an egg today, which was an exciting adventure!
We used a frozen puff pastry from Whole Foods and pre-baked the shell before cracking the eggs and putting them in our pastry shells. These taste yummy with some fresh OJ and breakfast potatoes. What a breakfast treat!

Rosemary potatoes taste good with any meal, and they are surprisingly easy to make. The Taste Buddies students made their potatoes in no time at all, and we all decided that we love the smell of rosemary!

Soy butter, Ghiradelli chocolate squares, and graham crackers. No need to say much more! :)

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