Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simple Steps to an Eco-Friendly Family

It's hard to ignore the value of being "green" today. There are health benefits for you, your family, and for the environment. Turn your good intentions into action with these simple ways to integrate "green" into your everyday!

SHOP: We like the MightyNest and EcoMom online stores because they've done the research for you! Know that the items you are buying for your family are good for them, and for the environment.

HOME: The article "5 Easy Steps to Create a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home" from is quick, but comprehensive, and covers clean air, plastics and more.

RECYCLE: From, read "Go Green! Your At-Home Recycling Plan" for some introductory ways that you can reduce, reuse, recycle!

EAT: Strategize your organic grocery shopping with this list of the "dirty dozen" from the Environmental Working Group. Next time, you'll know to splurge on the organic apples, and save on non-organic onions.

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