Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book of the Week: "The Kiss That Missed" by David Melling

I am so excited about this week's book! It's called The Kiss That Missed written and illustrated by David Melling. 

I stumbled upon it before my Bubble Step class (our gentle separation class) one day here at Bubbles Academy. I thought I would only make it about half way through the book, but those Steppers sat through the entire story. The book begins with a king, who is always in a hurry, blowing a goodnight kiss to his son, the prince. However, the kiss misses... and flies right out the window! 

The distraught king then sends his trusty (though clumsy) knight on a quest to find that kiss. The knight and his horse travel across the kingdom, through Melling's active and engaging illustrations, until they reach the deep, dark woods. Inside the woods, they are surrounded by forest creatures, all a little more silly than scary (thank goodness). Just when our good knight is cornered, that pesky kiss whizzes in, kissing all the animals goodnight! He follows that kiss to a dragon who wants to give them a kiss of his own. What a fun and silly fairytale!

All the heroes, including the woodland creatures and the dragon, journey back to the castle where the king vows to stop being always in a hurry. The king and the entire court settle in for a proper goodnight, complete with pillows, blankets, snuggles, a story, and of course... a goodnight kiss. I was really touched by this wacky adventure. What a nice reminder, as school is kicking back into session and days are getting shorter, that we should take time for what's really important.

Journey over to Bubbles Academy this week for your own adventure as we read The Kiss That Missed during Open Play Story Time at 4:00 p.m. this Thursday!

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