Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week EIGHT: Recap!

Happy Halloween! Today in Taste Buddies we celebrated a little early with some Pizza Mummies, Spider Cupcakes, Halloween Fruit Kabobs, and Swamp Juice! It was spooky and delicious!

English muffins make the yummiest pizzas. Using English muffins instead of pizza dough is a great way to portion out the size of the pizza for your little one, plus it's quicker! We used string cheese to give the pizza a mummified look. For the eyes, we used olives. Surprisingly, quite a few Taste Buddies thought the olives were very tasty!

We had the Taste Buddies use a plastic bag filled with chocolate frosting with a hole cut in the corner to frost the spiders. The chocolate frosting was most people's favorite part of class... I can't imagine why!

These are a great party food. You can use any black or orange fruit to make it festive for Halloween!
I think anytime a juice is green it's bound to be hit with kids! Green smoothies also make a great Halloween treat.

Special thanks to Laken today, for being such a great helper!!!

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