Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week SIX: Recap!

We had a wonderful class today in Taste Buddies, learning how to make pretzels! They looked just like the soft pretzels you can find at a baseball stadium. We also made banana roll ups and chicken stew. It was a tasty menu today, and we all left with our stomachs full!

I had no idea pretzels were so easy to make. You can even use pre-packaged pizza dough if you don't have all of the ingredients at home. I would suggest having some mustard handy for dipping!

This recipe makes enough to feed the whole family… and then some! If you make the full recipe, you can always freeze some of it for later. Just leave the potatoes out until you are ready to eat it. This is a great meal to feed a bunch of people and it's super healthy! 

The original recipe says to melt the chocolate chips in the recipe. We just sprinkled them on top of our soy nut butter, and they tasted great! This is a great snack, I sometimes even eat it for breakfast.

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