Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween for Babies?

"My little one is too young for pumpkin carving or haunted houses... are there any fall bonding activities you can recommend for the younger set?"

I can recommend a great Halloween finger-play activity, “Five Little Pumpkins”
. Both toddlers and babies alike will enjoy learning this, and so will mom and dad! It's one I remember from my childhood, and that I had the pleasure of teaching to my own daughter when she was younger. It's a true classic, and a tradition that I hope is passed on for generations to come in my family. I've attached a video below, so you can learn how to do this with your child!

Based on this finger-play is a wonderful book with vibrant, bold pictures illustrated by Dan Yaccarino. Pick it up at your local bookstore or here online, to further enhance your "Five Little Pumpkins" activity.

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