Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book of the Week: "When a Monster is Born" by Sean Taylor, Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Bubbles Academy is being transformed... to a spooky, sparkly, magical Halloween fun house! In celebration of the upcoming howl-iday, this week's book is When a Monster is Born, playfully illustrated by Nick Sharratt and wittily penned by Sean Taylor.

If you've read my bio, you've already heard of When a Monster is Born, since it is listed as one of my favorites, but it's worth mentioning again! The story is all about choices, so much in fact that every page is a new choice for the title character. It begins,
"When a Monster is Born, there are two possibilities... either it's a far-away-in-the-forests monster, or it's an under-your-bed monster..."  
We find out with the turn of the page that if it's a forest dwelling monster, then"that's that", but if it's an under-bed dweller, there are two more possibilities. In this case either it "eats you" (accompanied by a truly entertaining and not-at-all scary illustration) or "you make friends and take it to school".

This book is the perfect opportunity to talk with your little reader about how the choices we make shape our lives. It follows the monster choice-by-choice as he falls in love, gets married, and even has a baby of his own. It ends full circle with the newborn's choice of the far-away forest or under the bed.

Throughout the book, Sharratt's illustrations delight and entertain, they are the perfect companion to Mr. Taylor's text. It's the kind of book that makes it easy to read aloud, since the page turns allow for perfect comedic timing. It is on my must-read list for all the little bookworms in my life. Hope it delights your Halloween reader, too!

For some fun help getting into the Halloween spirit, join Miss Becca at Open Play Story Time this Thursday at 4:00 p.m. for the reading of When a Monster is Born!
Then, join us as we celebrate Halloween all next week! Be sure to bring your little one out in costume to all of our classes October 24-29th.

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